Looking for a job is stressful. Resume writing is painful. Knowing how to navigate the interview process is complex. 

There are two important elements to remember: YOU are not your resume so take the emotion out of it, and clarity will set the yellow brick road to your home called work.

As a Talent Acquisition professional there is a lot to offer growing organizations & job seekers. A good Recruiter is often a matchmaker, advocate, career adviser & coach and strategist. My perspectives have been formed by evaluating tens of thousands of good and bad resumes, understanding the back end of electronic recruiting tools and systems, and understanding how to broker between a hiring manager who may not hire often and a candidate who has a lot of uncertainty and unknowns to consider.

This understanding provides a unique ability to help people who are seeking work or job change, regardless of level, qualifications or stage in career.

It takes clarity of strategy to land the job you want and I can help you with that processPackages begin at 350.00. Inquire for further information. Navigating your job search begins with consultation and resume review. How to move forward after review is determined on an individual basis.

1:1 Coaching options

Self understanding: Awareness is key. Awareness will bring you to the present moment. The mind hi-jacks your presence due to the experiences of the past and the uncertainty of the future, so it's helpful to have an objective, presence coach who guides you successfully through change. Seek the change or the change will find you.

Resume review: It's hard to write about yourself, just like it's hard to market yourself. It eases the pressure on the re-write by having a professional objective to help you through the process. And, it is a process.

Preparing for job search and interview process:  There is nothing but strategy that goes into a job search. And once you land an interview, it's strategy that gets you close to the objective, which is landing the job you want.

You don't know what the next position in your career looks like. We start with a discussion that covers your common threads, hard skills, experience, and mostly, what you want that next position to be. You need to have your eye out on the horizon to get what you want. 



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