The recruiting challenge is not due to competition of expertise; it boils down to the whole package, which includes smarts, character, attitude, experience and skill set. Do you trust your first interpretation after an interview? Do you know you've surfaced the best fit for your organization?  Will the new hire create the synergy required?

Search Services include:

Recruitment services: Retained Executive Search, Search Consultation & Candidate Deception and Personality Testing.

In a retained search, partnership and commitment make the recruitment process successful.  It starts with true representation --- it holds the key to building a solid foundation and narrative between seekers. It's an essential component for long-term success of the placement process. 

Temp/ Contract placement services:

There are times when an employer only needs a professional on board for a project, and/or there is uncertainty about bringing an employee on full-time. This is the perfect time to bring on a Contractor.

With Contract Staffing, we can provide full-service staffing, which is an unsurpassed value to our clients. Clients get to enjoy greater employee retention by offering quality benefits.  As the legal W-2 employer of record for contractors, our back office pays the contract employee on a weekly basis and also offers ACA-compliant benefits.

Temp/Contract services prove beneficial for this growing economy. DS has partnered with a back office solution provider; they take care of what happens behind the scenes such as: financial, legal and administrative issues with bringing a temporary employee on board. Inquire for further information.

The very best professionals are never obvious and rarely available.  Email or call Patty. She looks forward to working with you. 

Patty Dougherty has been a National Executive Search Consultant and Recruiter since 1999.  Her office base is located in beautiful Seattle, Washington.