Patty has successfully on-boarded key Executive roles such as CFOs, Executive Assistants, General Managers and more; professionals who work directly with the Senior and Management Teams to create momentum for a thriving organization. 


REcruitment services

Retained Executive Search, Search Consultation & Candidate Deception and Personality Testing

In a retained search, partnership and commitment make the recruitment process successful.  It starts with true representation --- it holds the key to building a solid foundation and narrative between seekers. It's an essential component for long-term success of the placement process. 



There are times when an employer only needs a professional on board for a project, and/or there is uncertainty about bringing an employee on full-time. This is the perfect time to bring on a Contractor.

With Contract Staffing, we can provide full-service staffing, which is an unsurpassed value to our clients. Clients get to enjoy greater employee retention by offering quality benefits.  As the legal W-2 employer of record for contractors, our back office pays the contract employee on a weekly basis and also offers ACA-compliant benefits.

Temp/Contract services prove beneficial for this growing economy. DS has partnered with a back office solution provider; they take care of what happens behind the scenes such as: financial, legal and administrative issues with bringing a temporary employee on board. Inquire for further information.


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