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There is plenty to say about the Executive Search and Recruitment industry.  One item to focus on today is people.  Dougherty Solutions made the conscious decision back in 2003 to say small. Why?  One can question this decision - right?  But consider this, do you want to work with a Firm that is all about the number: number of positions, people in the data base and the bottom-line? Or will you venture to the flip side, work with the by design small company, who put people first (the ones hiring and the ones looking)?  What is determined by this one decision speaks volumes about the folks running the show. 

There are other reasons to work with small, about the people organizations vs. large, it's about the money organizations, but we'll leave that for another post. 

Right now, what's most important to know is that Dougherty Solutions understands the process of executive recruitment and that it goes well beyond immediate needs for the client.  A very essential piece for long-term success among PEOPLE!

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