Search versus Discovery ... they aren't the same.

Search and discovery couldn't be much more different.

Search is what we call the action of knowing what you want and questing until you ultimately find it.  It's a process of finding something that is missing or lost (like a new employee). 

Discovery, however, is what happens when an Executive Search Pro (like myself) helps in introducing you to encounter something you didn't even know you were looking for.  Once a Hiring Executive (like yourself) has an interaction with what you didn't know you were looking for then becomes the new search target.

Search engines have done an incredible job of providing the answer to a search. It's not obvious, however, when you need to discover what you are seeking.  There is much progress to make when helping people discover hidden gems, opportunities & market research - or greater yet, the truth about what you need, what you are looking for, resulting in a fit that will take your organization well beyond it's borders.

Do you know what you are searching for or do you need to discover it?  Regardless of the answer, do you believe it'll be beneficial to go through a discovery process?  Working to help our clients find what they already know they want, indeed happens.  However, being a catalyst, encouraging our clients to discover something they didn't know they needed feels beyond good. The thriving sensation comes from bringing parties together that would not have happen otherwise. 

Let's make it happen!