The U stands for "unidentified" ...

We have the burning need to know stuff - know stuff about people, about our company, about the person just interviewed, about how things work and don't work.  Operating within us is the fundamental need to have an answer to the unknown and this is where the argument of ignorance comes into play.   The known versus unknown to me is like certainty versus uncertainty.

Knowing of your perspective on certainty versus uncertainty is critical.  This point of view will plot your direction - it'll be like a gravitational pull that if you go against will cause doubt and conflict within, followed up with uncomfortableness, all of which the lizard brain loves, and then comes the resistance.  And when you fall prey to resistance, that's when the lizard brain wins. 

Something to think about - If you lean in the direction of uncertainty, would that drive you or your business more?  Would you constantly be at the drawing board inventing new ways, new ideas, new possibilities, new new anything - for the simple reason that you found it far more exciting to embrace the uncertainty of it all.  Where as if you lean in the direction of certainty, which there is none of by the way, would you operate with the same intensity of engagement for discovery as if your life depended on it? 

There's a saying by Oliver Cromwell which states, "“A man, never rises so high as when he knows not whither he is going.”  I leave you with this - love what you don't know and expect the unexpected, far greater things will happen if you do.

Make it happen!