The word "interested" used by candidates...

When a candidate uses the word "interested", what really does that mean? 

When a candidate uses the word "interested", do you dig deeper during the interviewing process?  Do you ask what the word "interested" means to them?  And to what degree are they "interested" in the position they're interviewing for?

The word "interested" being used by a candidate during the interviewing process tells you nothing if you don't dig deeper.  The word is neutral - it gives no indication of degree of interest.  Just because a candidate is "interested" in your company and position and goes through the interviewing process, does not mean that they will accept an offer in the 12th hour.  And if you travel down the road with a candidate that is "interested", extend an offer, only to receive the answer of no then all those resources spent on a candidate who is "interested" is a waste of time and effort.

Clarify what the word "interested" means to you and what it means to the person you are interviewing.  It will prove you well in the 12th hour of the interview process.


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