Because everyone is doing it ... the subject of C-Level profanity.

Does the "because everyone is doing it" statement give you, or anyone else, the inroad to do it?  The more important question here is, do you want to do what everyone else is doing? 

This recent article on Swearing at Work brings to the forefront that the loss of timeless integrity is in play.  There was a time when you might think of using profanity at home or in the work place but you just didn't do it.  Why?  Because you know better, because your mom raised you not to and because these days you know that every word you say (especially for the a C-Level crowd leaders) will be listened to and remembered for times to come.

People will remember you!  So ask yourself the question - do you want to be remembered for dropping the F bomb for all generations to hear?  Will it really make you feel better, more powerful, by doing so?  It may in the moment but not over the long run.

I'm a true East Coast Jersey Girl who has made it out West.  Being raised on the East Coast gives one an energy per se and it isn't short of people using the F word.  I've used it plenty myself.  Even though I would love to drop the F bomb at times in a meeting as an added intensifier - I wound never.  Why?  Integrity - because of integrity for myself and the people around me.  What does this show? It shows inner strength and tasteful timelessness. It shows forethought and it most definitely shows self control.

Follow the link, take a read then drop the F Bomb in the comforts of your own four walls.

Make good things happen!