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“A lie gets halfway around the world before Truth has a chance to get its pants on.” Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill. Not knowing the context, it's an interesting quote to ponder.

Simply put, the truth is buried - we just don't see it as clearly as a lie. We have to go through layers of “digging in the dirt,” like the Medicine Buddha speaks of, to get to our own truth.

This, of course, is not an easy process, and typically a process like this finds you through some downturn of events. Folks tend to not work on themselves when all is well. 

Getting to the truth of who we are is a process and living that truth isn't always easy. This is why I love the Enneagram. It offers understanding and an awareness about how certain types of people are wired (9 types, 27 subtypes). And if you understand how your brain is wired, you’re that much ahead of the game in answering questions that may have baffled you through the decades. In future posts, we’ll be talking about the Enneagram types and subtypes. And honestly, even if you’re not doing the internal work, this should be interesting to follow because there is nothing more complex than the human being. We are complex. We are beautifully made. We are always changing - at least let’s hope so.

Be kind.

Engaging and Understanding Millennial Employees

Millennials now outnumber Gen Xers in the American workplace. According to data from Pew Research, they constitute more than one-third of all U.S. employees, and by 2025 they will make up 44% of the national workforce. Be sure to manage this up-and-coming generation by knowing their strengths, and applying them creatively to your organization's mission and vision. Share the bigger picture with them because they’ll be sharing with you.

Lead rather than manage. Provide context for projects and feedback during the process. Empower employees and embrace ideas. Embrace teamwork, networking, and online multitasking. And don't forget to listen. This generation has a lot to say.  

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