“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”  Gandhi

I believe we have a lot to learn from a gently strong man like Gandhi.

Coming from a place of kindness, generosity and oneness - we truly can make great things happen together.  It all stems from alignment - what are you aligned with and can you stay aligned with what you know to be true? 

Let's make good things happen.

PERMA ... Flourishing & Wellbeing

PERMA are the constituents for well-being, says Dr. Martin Seligman.

Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning & Accomplishments can lead to a flourishing individual and society.  Dr. Martin Seligman, Director of the Center, and a Professor of Psychology at Penn, is doing great work on informing us on positive emotion, engagement, relationships with other (our highest states are almost never when we are alone), purpose and mastery. 

With regards to engagement, which is a real problem for corporations when it comes to their employees, strengths need to be accessed and valued for flourishing to occur.  When our strengths just match up to the challenges at hand - we then go into flow, time ceases to exist and engagement is a non-issue because flourishing takes hold.

Take a strengths questionnaires here:

Listen to Dr. Martin Seligman:

Make good things happen for yourself and others - it'll make you feel better & even take you out of depression.

Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease

The numbers are growing worldwide for T1D, an autoimmune disease in which a persons pancreas stops producing insulin.  This trend alert informs us of a promising program investigating a vaccination.  What this alert does not do is raise the question as to why we are seeing growing numbers in teens and adults, a minimum of 30K, who are diagnosed every year.  What is the cause?  It's great, wonderful, to have a possible vaccination but it won't stop the numbers from growing if we don't place effort into figuring out the root of the problem.

Battery Test Engineers needed!

A ground floor opportunity within energy storage on the east coast - if you are a battery test engineer with practical experience and want to make things happen for the betterment of the grid, please make a connection. I'd like to learn more about you!

Make it happen!

The U stands for "unidentified" ...

We have the burning need to know stuff - know stuff about people, about our company, about the person just interviewed, about how things work and don't work.  Operating within us is the fundamental need to have an answer to the unknown and this is where the argument of ignorance comes into play.   The known versus unknown to me is like certainty versus uncertainty.

Knowing of your perspective on certainty versus uncertainty is critical.  This point of view will plot your direction - it'll be like a gravitational pull that if you go against will cause doubt and conflict within, followed up with uncomfortableness, all of which the lizard brain loves, and then comes the resistance.  And when you fall prey to resistance, that's when the lizard brain wins. 

Something to think about - If you lean in the direction of uncertainty, would that drive you or your business more?  Would you constantly be at the drawing board inventing new ways, new ideas, new possibilities, new new anything - for the simple reason that you found it far more exciting to embrace the uncertainty of it all.  Where as if you lean in the direction of certainty, which there is none of by the way, would you operate with the same intensity of engagement for discovery as if your life depended on it? 

There's a saying by Oliver Cromwell which states, "“A man, never rises so high as when he knows not whither he is going.”  I leave you with this - love what you don't know and expect the unexpected, far greater things will happen if you do.

Make it happen!


Change presents new opportunities for companies to capture and grow. 

Change represents opportunities for professionals to advance their careers.

Change can be a bully (but no worries, you'll withstand the beating).

This is a key note for all job seekers (which there are over a million on Linkedin).  If your job seeker tactics have you spinning your wheels, think about changing the way of your search starting with your resume.  Add accolades, testimonials, put references on there.  What is the benefit of  keeping these items kept secret? 



Search versus Discovery ... they aren't the same.

Search and discovery couldn't be much more different.

Search is what we call the action of knowing what you want and questing until you ultimately find it.  It's a process of finding something that is missing or lost (like a new employee). 

Discovery, however, is what happens when an Executive Search Pro (like myself) helps in introducing you to encounter something you didn't even know you were looking for.  Once a Hiring Executive (like yourself) has an interaction with what you didn't know you were looking for then becomes the new search target.

Search engines have done an incredible job of providing the answer to a search. It's not obvious, however, when you need to discover what you are seeking.  There is much progress to make when helping people discover hidden gems, opportunities & market research - or greater yet, the truth about what you need, what you are looking for, resulting in a fit that will take your organization well beyond it's borders.

Do you know what you are searching for or do you need to discover it?  Regardless of the answer, do you believe it'll be beneficial to go through a discovery process?  Working to help our clients find what they already know they want, indeed happens.  However, being a catalyst, encouraging our clients to discover something they didn't know they needed feels beyond good. The thriving sensation comes from bringing parties together that would not have happen otherwise. 

Let's make it happen!


Trend Alert ... let's turn waste into energy.

Hello Everyone!

The EREF (Environmental Research & Education Foundation) will be offering courses that will educate on how cities may transform solid waste into usable energy.  As populations grow, a demand for focused attention on eliminating waste by turning it into usable energy will take traction .  Be responsible, work together and turn waste into energy!

Make it happen!


Something pretty

There is a saying by John O' Donahue that states, "always keep something beautiful in your mind". 

It's so easy to get caught up in the crazy work flow of the day, thinking that there is nothing more important than the multitasking you have going on, so much so that your mind forgets to breathe (thanks to the body for regulating the breathe that keeps us alive). 

Sit back (or better yet, walk away), keep something pretty in your mind ... when you get back to  your multitasking ways you'll feel refreshed, grounded and clear. 

Make it happen!!

People ...

There is plenty to say about the Executive Search and Recruitment industry.  One item to focus on today is people.  Dougherty Solutions made the conscious decision back in 2003 to say small. Why?  One can question this decision - right?  But consider this, do you want to work with a Firm that is all about the number: number of positions, people in the data base and the bottom-line? Or will you venture to the flip side, work with the by design small company, who put people first (the ones hiring and the ones looking)?  What is determined by this one decision speaks volumes about the folks running the show. 

There are other reasons to work with small, about the people organizations vs. large, it's about the money organizations, but we'll leave that for another post. 

Right now, what's most important to know is that Dougherty Solutions understands the process of executive recruitment and that it goes well beyond immediate needs for the client.  A very essential piece for long-term success among PEOPLE!

Make it Happen!!


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New Testimonial...

Thanks to the Founder & President of IAS, we have a new testimonial.  Recently filling a GM position for him during the crunch time of a new contract has made him and his family very happy.  Too much work can be a good thing as long as it doesn't take away from people and things that are important - like family and the BBQ.

Now, go home, hug the ones that are most important to you, pet the dog (or kitty, possibly a horse) and have some quality time this evening.

All my best!