Patty Dougherty

Executive Recruiter / Professional Coach / Reiki Practitioner

Patty began her career as a search professional in 1999 at Management Recruiters of Portland, where she pioneered the firm’s professional legal desk and was ranked among the top recruiters on the West Coast. In 2003, she founded Dougherty Solutions. Over the last decade, she’s been instrumental in helping companies of all sizes, from venture-backed start-ups to Fortune 500 firms, operating as a key contributor to fill positions in corporate management, legal, research, marketing, finance and more depending on industry. While much of her work has focused on advanced technology, renewable energy and telecommunications, Patty’s approach and expertise is in understanding people, which spans all industries

Patty specializes in start-ups and small to mid-size organizations, whose needs are in establishing key hire solutions and building cohesive teams to create momentum. Her hope? Patty's hope is that you'll miss her when she's gone. Her wish? To have you as a valued client for years to come.

Betsy Littlefield

Project manager

Betsy Littlefield has worked in the Communications field for 20 years, helping federal, state, and nonprofit organizations communicate their messaging simply and effectively. Grounded in natural resources — with degrees in wildlife biology and forestry — her positions have spanned from field work to project management to outreach. Working as a biologist, naturalist, and interpretive specialist early on in her career,  she transitioned to serving as communication and information specialist for research programs at Oregon State University for 15 years.

Betsy uses her extensive background working with a range of professions and personalities to inform her work at Dougherty Solutions. Part scientist, part wordsmith, and part hunter/gatherer, she assists Patty in weaving together a company’s story — where they’re at, where they want to go, and what talent they need to get there. Each unique executive-search document she helps create grows from a series of facts and figures, individual interviews, and background research into a holistic picture of a company’s hiring needs, providing a framework to move forward with the sourcing and discovery of the best-suited talent. 

Hailing from Massachusetts, Betsy comes from a long line of diehard New Englanders; and after 25 years on the West Coast is a proud Oregonian as well. Living in Bend since 2000, she’s convinced that living in your dream town and having a job that’s a great fit aren’t mutually exclusive. Returning from a sojourn across Spain on the Camino de Santiago in 2014, she’s even more convinced we’re all here to do the work we’re meant to do.