Michael W., GM, Telecom Sales & Marketing Executive

I have used Patty as a recruiter for our firm and as an advisor/coach personally. She successfully marries her unique experiences and perspectives with a commitment to help the candidate understand the nuances of the recruitment process (in particular "momentum"- how to get it and how to keep it) and importance of strategic clarity. She is a strong coach, listens and communicates well and has the ability to determine gaps in a candidates thinking and action process. Working with Patty will stimulate the creation of the magical "ah-ha" moments so vital during the search process.

Ellyn B., CFO, Outdoor Retail

Patty made our search process easy and effective. She quickly got to the heart of what was most needed in the position for our company; both the technical skills but also the intangible skills such as communication style and company fit. She was great at keeping the process and people organized and moving. Our time was always well-utilized as she only brought strong candidates forward and provided clear insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each. Equally important, she represented our company well and all candidates left the process with a positive experience regardless of the outcome. I look forward to working with Patty again for our next search.

Scott A., CEO, Outdoor Retail

“Patty D. blends art and science when it comes to a challenging search. When hiring our Executive Assistant position, I hired Patty to take the lead on the search.  Here’s what I can say, I never had to worry, she always respected my time and only brought well qualified top candidates to my attention.  Patty’s keen character assessment and intellectual read made talent selection seamless. Working with Patty D. was paramount and I look forward to working with her again.”

Randa M., Managing Partner, Media and Digital Executive

My experience working with Patty was stellar. Her approach and interview style are exemplary. She connects with candidates in a meaningful way and has a manner that engenders trust and openness. She is thorough and takes the time to understand the risks and complexities of potentially changing jobs and moving a family. Her commitment to finding the right candidate for her clients is beyond compare. I look forward to working with her again as a client or as a candidate.

Glen W., Managing Partner, Outdoor Retail Industry

It’s important to point out an unspoken piece in business conversations which Ms. Patty brings to the forefront - that's her intuitiveness.  Combine her strategic approach, business sense & natural way of working with people and you have a perspective that is grounded, accurate and honest.  I appreciated Patty's assistance and input on my recent Product Developer hire.  Patty's read on candidate's interviewed I found to be incredibly accurate, which is critically important for a growing business.

Krista T., Director of HR, Telecommunications Industry

During the time we worked with Patty we were seeking high performing candidates for 20 career opportunities varying from skilled engineers to sales to executive level. Patty quickly learned our culture, business, industry, and leadership styles of hiring managers. After a couple of days I crowned her 'The Talent Whisperer' a reflection of her ability to locate the perfect candidate for several key roles in a short period of time. Patty is a solid judge of talent and can accurately project what people are likely to do across a variety of situations. She is an intelligent professional capable of dealing with complex and highly competitive industries. I recommend Patty for any business seeking to build award winning teams.

Gary L., CFO, Telecommunications Industry

Patty and her team are experts in uncovering your organization’s true needs in terms of skills and cultural fit.  Then they find top caliber candidates and lead you through the process to a successful hire.  DS makes stressful, mission-critical recruiting situations a pleasure.  I have experience with Patty both as a candidate and as a client. I highly recommend Patty of Dougherty Solutions for your recruiting needs.