Rhonda W., Dir. of Human Resources

To Whom It May Concern,

I am pleased to provide a professional reference for Patty Dougherty.  I remember my first initial phone call with Patty.  Her direct nature and clear approach portrayed a person that I could develop a great working relationship.

I was the HR Manager at a biotechnology company in Seattle, and when I met Patty, we were in ramp up mode.  During the time Patty and I worked together she assisted me in over twenty five hires.  Patty is versatile - she built not only our legal team, but had a hand print on the marketing group, business development group, and then our Research and Development Groups as well.  

Patty researched our company and culture to the point that she was an extension of the HR recruiting team.  She has an amazing ability to know if the potential applicant will fit in with the culture or not, which ultimately saved us a great deal of time and money.  

Patty was a tireless worker, making hundreds of calls to find the right fit for us, verifying our constantly changing needs and bringing the flexibility required when we weren’t really sure what we needed.  She helped hiring managers on focusing in on the right needs for the organization.

I appreciate direct communication and Patty’s honesty is refreshing.  She thinks strategically about the whole business and seemed to be one step ahead of the process with excellent follow-up and ongoing communications.  Patty is comfortable in taking responsibility for making things come together - I loved working with her, she represented our company in a professional manner and was appreciated by our hiring managers.  

I know Patty will bring the same strengths to your organization as she did to ours if you allow her the opportunity.

Best regards,

Rhonda W., SPHR

Director of Human Resources