George W. Adamson, Ph. D., SVP Research & Development, Energy Storage start-up

I am pleased to provide a professional reference for Patty Dougherty. I have worked with Patty since 1999. I have engaged her over the intervening time to fill positions ranging from In-House Counsel to Senior Scientist. She has been key to me, as VP of Research and Development, to rapidly assemble successful product development teams.

Patty understands the cultural element of the team building process and is tireless at finding the right candidate in terms of their technical skills and from a team personality fit. She is candid in her assessments of potential candidates and is a key member of my product development teams.

I have always received compliments on my ability to hire great people and Patty is a large part of the reason why I am successful at delivering products to market.

- George W. Adamson, Ph. D.