David B., CTO & SVP Commercialization, Energy Storage start-up

Patty was referred to us through a respected Vice President of Research and Development in the battery industry. As a newly formed startup company in the battery space, hiring critical and experienced staff has been, and will continue to be essential to our success. Patty had been a significant factor in ensuring our hiring pipeline is full of relevantly skills and motivated candidates, adapting to our needs in a swift and progressive manner.

Through an iterative learning process, Patty took the time (and actually insisted on taking the time) to understand what the overall picture of goals and needs were to assess candidates thoroughly.  She was complete in sharing needed information while maintaining a high degree of confidentiality.

Our business relationship with Patty Dougherty has proven beneficial for our company, and the staff we have hired. Patty submits quality candidates, makes no assumption and represents company and client with integrity and professionalism.  I fully recommend using Patty as a recruiter and have been thankful for her detailed and prompt service.